Bad Influence!
BBC Future Generations
BeyBlade UK
BeyBlade UK contains the most comprehensive list of beyblades in ENGLISH! It also contains information on the blades and customising the tops, building arenas and stadiums and other useful info!
Blue Peter
Byker Grove
Catweazle Fan Club
The Official World Wide Catweazle Fan Club
CBBC - Backstage
The Chuckle Brothers
Classic Kids TV
Classic UK Kids Tv
Crystal Tipps World
Dragon Ball Z UK
Dragon Ball Z UK - Info, pictures, downloads, multimedia and an online community and all for UK viewers and fans! Guides, characters, name puns, bios, an image galler and video clips from the UK show
The Dreamstone
The good characters in the Dreamstone
Hart, Tony
Hector's House
Henry's Cat - The Warm Lap
ITV - Birthday People
Jedi's Paradise
Jedi's Paradise Childrens TV
Kids TV
A look back at loads of Kids TV programmes of yesterday. Gauranteed to make you feel old
The Magic Roundabout
The Magic Roundabout is a fan web site for the childrens television the MagicRoundabout.com is intended as a source of informative information and character pictures and video clips.
The Mighty Basil Brush
Mr Majeika
Mr Majeika - The Television Series
The latest news for children from CBBC. Whether you_re into sport, showbiz, world events, chat, quizzes or games
Noggin the Nog - Northlands
The Saga of Noggin the Nog, by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin
Oh! Matron
Paddington Bear
Pinky and Perkys Pirate Web Site
Quick Trick Show
The Quick Trick Show is now in its second series on CITV and no doubt after seeing the great new tricks you're itching to try them out.
Saturday Show
Explore the world of music with CBBC - play interactive quizzes and games, make your own music and get the latest on the UK Top 40
See It Saw It Simon's Magic Roundabout Emporium
An Extensive site about the Television show the magic roundabout.
The Singing Ringing Tree
Timmy Towers
Timmy Towers is the biggest programme on TV - and now it's on the internet too! There's everything you need to know about the top CITV show plus exclusive behind the scenes stuff and character information
Trumptonshire Web
Two Lumps Please!
This is the website for show your telly was made for! Wacaday the coolest show on TVam starring Timmy Mallett, Magic the coacktiel, Pinky Punky, Mallett's Mallet.
wHom: Monster TV
sh: wHom - Monster TV
Zeta Minor - Catweazle
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Are You Being Served?
ludes episode guide, cast listing and show history.
Are You Being Served?
sode listing with air dates.
> Are You Being Served? Fun Web Site
ts about the show, actors, and writers, and video clip downloads.
Are You Being Served Sir?
site dedicated to the series, including articles, screen shots, episode guide, history, discussion forum and cast and character information.
BBC - Before They Were Famous
BBC - Celeb
The official BBC website for the sitcom Celeb. The site contains character guides, wallpaper, interviews and quizzes.
BBC - Chambers
The official site the BBC TWO legal sitcom, Chambers
BBC - High Hopes
BBC - Look Around You
A website to accompany the BBC TWO spoof school programme, Look Around You
BBC - My Family
The official website for the BBC1 sitcom show, My Family.
BBC - Wild West
A website devoted to the BBC comedy, Wild West
BBC Comedy
BBCi's official Comedy site. Information on every comedy show ever shown on British television, classic and current BBC TV and radio comedy shows, daily news, games, competitions, downloads, video clips and new original comedy.
beebfun features over 50 top British TV comedy shows with information, episode details, free desktop themes and screensavers
British Comedy
Devoted to all your favourite comedians
The British Sitcom Guide
The British Sitcom Guide provides information on many UK situation comedy programmes.
British Sitcoms
the ultimate guide to british sitcoms, pictures, info, episode guides, sound , movies and more!
The Comedy Warehouse
David Croft Comedies
Favourite British TV Shows
A collection of 17 favourite British shows from the past 30+ years.Shows included in the collection: Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, Mulberry and many more.
Flashing Hobo
Flat 76
French & Saunders
Harry Enfield
Hilary Briss' Special Stuff
you want the SpecialStuff do you?
The League of Gentlemen
The League of Gentlemen Database
A League of Gentlemen Website
A must visit for fans of the LoG. Find the latest news, episode media and games. Read about the actors themselves and buy LoG Merchandise.
League of Gentlemen.co.uk
Memorable TV
ALL the MPFC Scripts, sketches, pictures, WAVs, midis, songs, games, free stuff, biographies and much more!
Pete's Comedy Bits
Information on UK comedies, including BBC's Coupling, Channel 4's Black Books and Spaced, plus Alan Partridge, Radio Active and the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Red Dwarf - The Other Movie
Red Dwarf Central
Red Dwarf Online
The official website of Red Dwarf, the cult science-fiction comedy show
Red Dwarf Online
The official website of Red Dwarf, the cult science-fiction comedy show
Ryan's British TV Show Reviews
Ultimate Comedy
This is the ultimate comedy site on the net, run by Lucy Glover and Sian Woolaway. Information on comedians including Rik Mayall, Simon Pegg, Jessica Stephenson, Ben Elton, The League of Gentlemen, Adrian Edmondson and Lee and Herring!
The Upper Hand Online
ABC.com: Whose Line Is It Anyway
Devoted to the US and UK versions of the improvisational comedy show, Whose Line is it Anyway? As well as the original radio version and all of the various performers.
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BBC - Babyfather
BBC - Judge John Deed
Find out about new BBC drama Judge John Deed. Read the feature and stay on top of what's new in BBC Drama.
BBC - Gormenghast
BBC Online's Entertainment network, home to the official Gormenghast website, the definitive guide to 'Mervyn Peake' and the UK's most comprehensive guide to, Titus Alone, Titus Groan and Gormenghast, with the liveliest forums on the net and complete
BBC - Little Angels
Little Angels mini-site in support of BBC TWO's hard-hitting docu-drama
BBC - Merseybeat
BBC - Nice Guy Eddie
BBC - North Face, The Egg and Urban Myth
Find out about the BBC's disability season.
BBC - Paradise Heights
Find out about new BBC drama Paradise Heights.
BBC - Pinter at the BBC
BBC - Red Cap
Take a look behind the scenes of BBC drama Red Cap and find out how they put it all together.
BBC - The Project
Find out about new BBC drama The Project. Read the feature and stay on top of what's new in BBC Drama.
BBC - Tipping the Velvet
Tipping the Velvet - The official site for the BBC drama - meet the actors, download the screensaver, play the quiz, get the lowdown on the production by the writer and more.
BBC - Two Thousand Acres of Sky
The official BBC website to complement the BBC Scotland Drama, Two Thousand Acres of Sky.
BBC Drama
Cardiac Arrest
The Casualty Files
Footballers' Wives
footballers' wives - the official site of the ITV1 drama
A site for fans of C.S. Forester's Hornblower novels and the film and miniseries made from them
IMDb: CI5: The New Professionals
ludes overview, cast and crew list, comments and information.
IMDb: The Professionals
ludes overview, cast and crew list, comments and information.
Inspector Morse
Marina's CI5 Page
Red Wolf's Professionals Episode Guide
Chronicles of Sherwood
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BBC - I Love the 1960s
BBC - Joy of Text
The official site for an evening decicated to text messaging on BBC and BBC Online - The Joy of Text - June 9th 2001.
BBC - Liquid News
BBC - Revision
BBC - Voices from the Archive
Channel 4 - Pet Rescue
Factual Programmes on the BBC
BBC TV Factual Programmes
ITV - 2bdiscovered.com
ITV - City Survival Guide
ITV - Metroland
gramme offering the opportunity for new directors to bring original views of London to Carlton Television. Includes show details and video archive.
Living TV - Most Haunted
BBC - Watchdog
BBC - What Not To Wear
Top Gear
BBC - Food - The Way We Cooked
BBCi food's guide to the history of the TV chef from the glamorous haute cuisine of Fanny Cradock to the maximum flavour, minimum effort of Jamie Oliver.
BBC Chefs & Presenters - Rick Stein
BBCi food's guide to your favourite celebrity chefs with information, biographies and recipes.
BBC Food - Naked Chef
BBCi food's Naked Chef site with Jamie Oliver cooking up 'pukka' meals for friends. Including recipes, programme information and the Jamie's soundbite game
Game Shows: Can't Cook, Won't Cook
Jamie Oliver in Another Sun
Article on Jamie Oliver MBE describes the love-hate relationship the public has with this famous UK TV chef.
Keith Floyd
Nancy Lam
Fireworks Splice HTML
Nigella Lawson
Explains the charms of popular UK TV Chef Nigella Lawson writer of Nigella Bites, Forever Summer and How to be a Domestic Goddess. By Mecca Ibrahim writing for anothersun.co.uk.
The Two Fat Ladies
Article describes the charms of UK TV chefs Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, hosts of 'The Two Fat Ladies.'
BBC Gardening on TV and radio
Discover more information about gardening programmes from BBC tv and radio
Gardeners' Question Time
This is the homepage of the BBC Radio 4 Gardeners' Question Time Website, listen again to items, factsheets archive, topical tips, FAQs, search the site for plant names, lots of gardening advice.
Gardening Answers
BBC - Business Today
BBC - Cashing In
BBC - Hard Cash
BBC - Working Lunch
BBC - 60 Seconds
BBC - Correspondent
BBC - Newsnight
BBC - On The Record
BBC On The Record Internet Site
BBC - Panorama
BBC - Question Time
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BBC - Test The Nation
Test The Nation
Big Brother UK Fan Site
Big Brother 4 is the latest reality TV show being screened on Channel 4 in Summer 2003. Get the latest news, photos, and secrets at this Big Brother 4 website.
Big Brother UK Website
Popular Big Brother fansite, with up-to-the-minute updated news, gossip, features and a busy forum.
UK Big Brother (unofficial) site
check out the lives of ten people from Bow
Robot Wars
The Official UK ROBOTWARS website featuring details on the house robots. Merchandise available in the online store and the exclusive backroom. Robot Wars is viewed in more than 400 million countries in over 17 countries worldwide.
Weaver's Week
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Babylon 5
Cult Sci-Fi
TV SciFi
The site dedicated to Science Fiction series televised in the UK
Blake's 7
Blake's 7: A Line Through the Pattern of Infinity
The Blake's 7 Files
Blakes 7 British TV Series
Blake's 7 Scripts
Blake's 7: The Episode Guide
A guide listing the title and air date for each episode of the TV series Blake's 7.
Who's Doctor Who?BBC Online - Doctor Who - Homepage
BBCi Doctor Who Homepage. The official BBC site, with the latest news, online adventures, release information, picture galleries, interviews, a huge episode guide, message boards, quizzes and competitions to win Doctor Who goodies. Part of the BBCi C
Dalek Links
Dalek Links is the most comprehensive listing of the Web's Dalek Web sites.
Doctor Who A-Z
Doctor Who Online
Doctor Who Online - One show. One website. Dedicated to bringing you all the latest Doctor Who News, Releases, Reviews, Forums and more!
Doctor Who UK
Doctor Who episode & video guides.The Doctors presented in RealVideo. The 30th Anniversary EpisodeDimensions in Time in RealAudio. Doctor Who humor of the month.The Doctor Who web page counter digits.
Doctor Who's Tragical History Tour
Welcome to DoctorWho.org.uk - the largest collection of Doctor Who information in the Universe. Take a look at all of the Doctor Who books available, as well as the latest audio, video and DVDs. Learn more about Bernice Summerfield and Iris Wildthyme
Outpost Gallifrey
Facts, features, fiction and downloads on the BBC's Doctor Who. TimeLord is a 450mb showcase of fandom in text, audio, visuals and video
Who Space
Only in Time and Space...
The Doctor, the Doctor, and that Other Guy
A page devoted to the Time Lords of Gallifrey and the early history of the Doctor.
Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time (Travel)
Doctor Who In Detail 3
A full guide to Doctor Who including transmission details, cast and location details. Also has details of available, and unavailable, novelisations and videos
Dr Who Guide
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Soap People
ITV - The Bill
The Official website of the top police drama serial TV show. The Bill is the most successful police drama on British television and over its history since 1983 has gained enormous popularity and respect from the public and within the industry both in
Coronation Street
icial site from Granada TV. Includes episode descriptions and previews.
Coronation Street Merchandise
BBC Online - EastEnders
The official BBC EastEnders website, with live pictures from Albert Square, episode updates, your favourite characters, quizzes and clips, and answers to all your EastEnders questions.
Eastenders On The Web
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