Alternative Health


The Alternative Guide
Alternative Guide to Health and Healing in London and the South of England including local 'What's On'
The Alternative Health Directory
Information on all Complementary Health or Alternative Medicine, plus comprehensive Directory of Practitioners in Alternative Health in Britain - Acupuncture, Alexander Technique, etc
Be You
Alternative Health and Lifestyle on the Internet
Best London Alternative Therapists
Best London Alternative Therapists and practitioners
Complementary Cumbria
The comprehensive resource for holistic, complementary health issues in Cumbria, UK. Celebration diary, diary of complementary health events, directory and more.
Complementary Healthcare
Complementary Healthcare - the UK's gateway to alternative healthcare, including local sources of medicines, therapy, treatments and practitioners.
Complementary Healthcare Information Service
Alternative medicine, complementary therapy and holistic health information service, including a directory of therapists and courses and a discussion forum to share ideas and thoughts on alternative medicine and associated subjects
Health Utopia
Healthutopia aims to provide the ideal directory to courses, professional bodies, therapists and practitioners. Our aim is to cover health in its broadest sense including fitness, complimentary and traditional medicines and therapies
Holistic Health Guide
The Holistic Health Guide - your online guide to symptoms and their treatment with holistic therapies.
Holistic Health
This is the UK site for holistic health. We take a whole person approach including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
You will find information for many different paths.
Scotland's Definitive On-line Directory of Complementary Health Practitioners, Retailers, Events, Classes and Therapies.
Internet Health Library
The Internet Health Library Website - the world's largest & most comprehensive information resource specialising in Alternative & Complementary Therapies and Natural Health Care.
Naturalife Wholefoods website contains Natural therapist directory, natural therapy centres and clinic listings, natural lifestyle features, vegetarian recipes and vegetarian restaurant reviews.
New Health Online Magazine
Find therapists, read alternative medicine news, learn about complementary therapies.
Therapeutic Practitioners
Therapist UK, Therapeutic & complementary practitioners, database, directory of therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists, holistic, therapies, and therapy information service
Therapy 4 Living
Dave Goodfellow professional hypnotherapist and psychotherapist helping people all over Yorkshire UK
Therapy World
Search for a practitioner of alternative medicine and/or advertise services. Alternative medicine news items, links, books, professional organisations.
UK Alternative Medicine Guide and Directory
Alternative & Complementary Medicine guide with comprehensive UK practitioner listings.
UK Therapy
A UK directory of Therapists, Practices and therapy related information. Therapists have their own WebPages with treatment, therapies, business and location information.
Workplace Therapy
directory of UK based therapists who offer complementary therapy and massage in the workplace
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Alan King
Information and books by Chartered Physiotherapist Alan King on pain management using acupuncture and TENS.
Amadis Cammell
Core Energetics is a spiritual and body centered therapeutic modality. It focusses on healing the psyche as a psycho therapy as well as assisting personal and spiritual development.
Centre of Light
Highland Retreat, meditation and training centre where you can feel the support from a strong natural environment to look within and discover your own inner strength.
Focusing and Listening
Focusing & Listening with Peter Afford. Focusing teachers & activities in Britain plus links to the world-wide Focusing community.
Light Touch Therapy
Light Touch: touching psyche through gentle body techniques and therapy skills
Mark G. Lester
Mark G. Lester practises alternative healing therapies for chronic fatigue or debilitating illness and back, neck or muscle pain using Bowen Technique, Oxygen/Ozone therapy, Rife Machine therapy, vibromuscular harmonization and electro-crystal therapy
Magnetic Therapy Jewellery
Elegant magnetic therapy jewellery. Increase energy levels and alleviate all sorts of ailments.
The Metamorphic Association
A gentle contact on the feet, hands and head that is empowering, accessible and easy to learn
Noni Juice Testimonials
UK testimonials of the subjective benefits of using Noni juice for an assortment of health challenges
Ozone Therapy
Amongst other properties, ozone therapy oxygenates body tissues, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and an immune system modulator. Ozone therapy also helps detox the lymph system
Thai Massage London
Boutique Health Spa offering a unique Eastern approach to health & wellness. Our treatments refresh and energise providing an essential antidote to city life.
Thought Field Therapy
Rapid and effective treatment for most emotional problems.
Transcendental Meditation Scotland
No-nonsense guide to Transcendental Meditation, an easy to learn, effortless mental technique which dissolves stress, promotes inner happiness, creativity and intelligence, better health, validated by 600+ scientific studies
UK Polarity Therapy Association
The UKPTA is the professional association of the UK's registered polarity therapists
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Aberdeen Centre for Energy Regulation and Obesity
Latest news about obesity research
British Association of Nutritional Therapists
BANT is the professional body solely for Nutritional Therapists in the United Kingdom
British Dietetic Association
British Dietetic Association
Dietetics UK
Nutrition and Dietetics discussion forum for dietitians, health professionals, caterers and related students
Healthy Living 24
Body, mind and spirit advice from the experts, covering all aspects of life from aromatherapy to retail therapy, hugging to holidays.
Human Nutrition Research
MRC Human Nutrition Research provides state-of-the-art scientific expertise and technologies to advance understanding of the links between human nutrition and health, and will act as an authoritative source of nutrition information
The Vegan Society
Vegan Society
Weight Loss Resources
Weight loss program and diet tools for healthy weight loss
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Acupuncture London
Boutique Health Spa offering a unique Eastern approach to health & wellness. Our treatments refresh and energise providing an essential antidote to city life.
British Acupuncture Council
The British Acupuncture Council is the UK's main regulatory body for the practice of acupuncture by over professionally qualified 2200 acupuncturists. Locate a BAcC practitioner near you.
The British Medical Acupuncture Society
This is the Home Page of The British Medical Acupuncture Society - a society of doctors, dentists and vets. The society promotes the use and scientific understanding of acupuncture as part of the practice of medicine.
Chi Kung
Chi Kung, chi kung. Website of author, practitioner of oriental medicine, Robert Parry
Society of Auricular Acupuncturists
Auricular (or Ear) Acupuncture is a specialised complementary therapy where acupuncture points on the outer ear are treated, using either needles or electro acupunctoscopes to help relieve many chronic complaints.
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Alyn Paul Reflexology
Alyn Paul Coward, clinical reflexologist. This site describes reflexology, an holistic therapy focussing on the feet and hands which reduces stress, improves circulation and brings the body back to it's natural state of balance or homeostsis.
Carolyn Roberts Complementary Therapist
Carolyn Roberts Complementary Therapist..Reflexology and Aromatherapy treatments, courses and workshops
Janet Brown
Janet Brown Reflexologist - Registered as a member of the International Institute of Reflexology.
Janet Kaye - Reflexologist And Bach Flower Practitioner
Janet Kaye - Reflexologist and Bach Flower Practitioner
Maureen Choudhry MAR
Maureen Choudhry: Qualified Reflexologist practicing in North/East London, England.
Maxime Rawlings Reflexology and Bach Flowers
Maxine Rawlings, Reflexology practitoner and Bach Flower Remedies treatments aswell as courses in Knowing Yourself, Menopause and Advanced Reflexology Techniques
Mobile Reflexologist
Mobile reflexologist in North West and West London, Wembley, Middlesex. Specialist in reflexology.
Pippa Geddes Reflexology
Welcome to Pippa Geddes Reflexology. Reflexology aids relaxation and helps to induce a general feeling of wellbeing, balancing body and mind.
Reflexology Direct
Directory of UK based reflexologists who offer a mobile service
Reflexology in Berkshire, UK.
Massage is a natural therapy, combines a variety of techniques, pressures and movements making it a versatile and effective treatment method for muscle fatigue, general tiredness, stress and much more.
Sarah Jones MAR
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Vertical Reflexoloy, Corporate Events - Sarah Jones MAR, ART Regd, MIFPA
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